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Twitter : Quality vs Quantity

Kim Kolb - Thursday, February 04, 2010
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What is your goal for your Twitter account?  Do you follow everyone that follows you?

When I first started on my Tweeting Adventure, the person I started following first was Ashton Kutcher.  It was a little frustrating because I only got half of a conversation, "Hey man, no, I stayed home last night".  It was really frustrating to follow a bunch of people that I couldn't actually carry on a conversation with.

Then I started on my Inbound Marketing adventure and learned the right people to start following.  Duh, people who did what I did.  So, I probably did something really mean by unfollowing a bunch of people, even Ashton.  I also blocked all the Bambi types.  But I had to get myself on track.  

The next hurdle I faced was that I was still getting way too many comments from people that I really didn't have anything in common with or that offered me any information I needed.  I really don't care to "Make Money with every Tweet" or "Get Thousands of followers".  Spam on Twitter is just as bad as Spam in my email.  

So, I cleaned house.  I unfollowed some more people.  Now, I have people that I follow that provide valuable information in my field of interest, "Inbound Marketing, Social Media, Blogging, and Analytics".  I also found a great tool to track all my Social Media Platforms called HootSuite.

Now I follow people that I value their opinions and who have Remarkable Content to offer to me and others.  So if you think having thousands of followers regardless of what they can offer is Cool, then sorry, this post will not apply to you.  If you are just starting in your Social Media venture, this post is definitely for you.  Be cautious and choosey.

Quality of follower is more valuable than Quantity.  

Here is how I go about letting someone follow me or me following them.  When someone follows me, I click on their link.  I look at the Bio... NO bio, I don't follow, they can follow me as long as it isn't Bambi the pole dancer.  Sorry Bambi, but I don't have anything to offer you.  Next, if they have a bio, I read that and then look at their posts.  If they talk too much about personal stuff, I don't follow but let them follow me.  If they have valuable posts, then I follow them.

How do you get people to follow you, and then you can follow them?  Attend a webinar.  Most of my followers and people I follow come from the webinars I have attended.  They are like minded people who share my interest of Inbound Marketing.  We offer each other valuable content and live happily every after.

What is really nice about following people in the same circles, is that you actually start building bonds.  You miss them when they haven't tweeted in awhile or blogged.  Isn't that what Social Media is all about, building relationships?  You know that when they post something, it is of value and you can't wait to read it and comment on it.

What are your thoughts on Twitter Followers?  Are you "I take everyone" or "I am choosey follower"


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