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Telephone Books : Inbound or Outbound Marketing

Kim Kolb - Tuesday, April 06, 2010
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Remember the Telephone Book?  I think ours use to rise to about 5-8 inches.  As a kid, I thought this book was awesome!  Why?  Well, not only did it have a ton of phone numbers but my mom used it as a lift in the chair so we could reach the dinner table.

Telephone books were a place to advertise your business, because if you were in the Telephone Book and you had a really large ad, then you would probably get the call.  I remember how used our Telephone Book looked... It was "the one that got used" as they say.

My question is... Who uses the Telephone Book anymore, let alone, who actually spends money to advertise in it? Do you consider this outbound marketing?  I guess you could say that as a person picking up the Telephone Book to actually look something up would be similar to going to the internet to look something up, right?

I consider the Telephone Book to be like getting junk mail in my mailbox.  I know, harsh, right?  Let's think about this.  If about 95% of American's are on the internet searching for what they need which would also include mobile devices, what makes the people who make the Telephone Book think that it is actually a needed item?

I wish the people who delivered these or whoever is in charge of printing these books, would send a postcard out to everyone and ask people to let them know if they wanted one.  The street number painter left a card and all we did was tape it to our garage so he knew whether to paint a number or not.  I think that is how the phone book people should do it.  I feel disappointed when I get one because 1) I didn't ask for it 2) It is going to end up in the trash because I don't have a recycling service, which then makes me feel even worse.  But should I feel bad or should the people that dropped this book off?  Usually I am home when they come by and I just tell them I don't want it.

I would love to hear what you have to say about the Phone Book..


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