HighTouch Launches Web Site with CRM for Saddletree Homes

February 16, 2009

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO—HighTouch Marketing & Design, Inc. (“HighTouch”), a leading inbound marketing and web design firm for small businesses, launches www.saddletreehomes.com and www.symphonyhomescolorado.com, both new home builder web sites for Colorado Springs' builder S&S Homes.

What Closed The Deal

S&S Homes was looking to save money on monthly fees from their existing hosting company and a third-party SaaS CRM solution. They were also in desperate need of an upgrade to their online home inventory web application to something that was better suited to their needs. Their current home inventory tool was a "canned application" and lacked the ability to customize data fields and labels. It was also very hard for Saddletree Homes' and Symphony Homes' staff to manage.

HighTouch then developed an easy-to-manage custom home inventory tool that S&S employees could use to manage their inventory. The web application was build 100% to their specs with click-able thumbnails, custom labels and data fields. It also has the ability to track leads and pass inventory data to the customer record, so S&S now knows which Sales Agent to forward the request to. Prior to this, a general email was generated with no indication of which home was being viewed making it very awkward on a follow-up sales call. HighTouch also included a CRM Framework and Workflow Notification Engine so S&S could begin migrating off their costly third-party system. Switching to HighTouch saved S&S Homes money by consolidating services into one integrated solution.

About HighTouch

HighTouch aims to provide the finest online business solutions that balance strategy, design and technology. They partner with their clients to develop great ideas that win them more business. HighTouch defines success by how well they help their clients achieve their goals. They consider themselves mentors, as much as they are experts—and enjoy teaching their customers how to leverage technology to make their businesses more competitive and successful.

Over the years, HighTouch has gathered a sizable Internet client base and a solid reputation for excellent customer service.


Kim Kolb
VP of Inbound Marketing

(719) 573-0084


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