HighTouch Develops Online Events Manager for SMPS Colorado

November 20, 2008

DENVER, CO—HighTouch Marketing & Design, Inc. (“HighTouch”), a leading inbound marketing and web design firm for small businesses, launches www.smpscolorado.org, the non-profit web site for the Society For Marketing Professional Services (SMPS), Denver Chapter.

What Closed The Deal

Like many non-profit organizations, the Internet has become a hub of communications. Many non-profits are "virtual in nature" anyway, so the Web is a natural place for them to be. SMPS was in need of a solution that would accomodate their communications needs (a monthly email newsletter), and a way to announce monthly events via an online calendar. They also needed the ability to book events and collect fees online. Prior to HighTouch, SMPS paid for monthly hosting, and a percentage of each attendee to a third party booking agent.

HighTouch was able to consolidate all their needs into 1 simple online tool, saving them $100's of dollars per month in hosting and excess processing fees.

About HighTouch

HighTouch aims to provide the finest online business solutions that balance strategy, design and technology. They partner with their clients to develop great ideas that win them more business. HighTouch defines success by how well they help their clients achieve their goals. They consider themselves mentors, as much as they are experts—and enjoy teaching their customers how to leverage technology to make their businesses more competitive and successful.

Over the years, HighTouch has gathered a sizable Internet client base and a solid reputation for excellent customer service.


Kim Kolb
VP of Inbound Marketing

(719) 573-0084


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