Business Catalyst Ramps up for Demand of Global Hosted Services

March 31, 2010

SAN JOSE, CA—Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced the opening of the first of three new datacenters for Adobe® Business Catalyst® service, its platform of hosted services for professional Web designers delivering powerful online businesses without having to do back-end coding. The North American datacenter is now accepting new customers, with datacenters in Europe and Asia Pacific expected to open within the next two months. Representing a substantial investment in the newly acquired Business Catalyst platform, these datacenters better equip the company to meet the increasing demands from Web designers looking for cost-effective solutions to build online business and commerce sites for small business clients.

New Data Centers

“Our new datacenters integrate Business Catalyst as a key component of Adobe’s hosted services strategy in the months and years to come” said Bardia Housman, director of Business Catalyst product management at Adobe. “This significant investment from Adobe is an exciting step forward for us.”

Business Catalyst provides a unified business platform that helps enable Web designers to efficiently build and deploy powerful business Web sites such as online stores and lead-generation mini-sites, without having to spend extra resources to do back-end coding. Users of Adobe Dreamweaver® software can access Business Catalyst functionality through an extension that plugs right into their Web design and development workspaces. The three new datacenters, built for speed and reliability using high-end industry standard hardware and server technologies, will enable Adobe to continue supporting the existing Business Catalyst customer base while servicing growing demand.

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